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For Investors

The Indie Hero fundraising process initially consists of mapping all game development studios and classifying them by maturity cycle anywhere in the world.  


Then, a selection of studios capable of delivering quality projects is carried out, where each one is categorized by sectors and receives a score referring to the sum of these characteristics. This process allows us to make segmentations based on investment thesis

We have built a structured process of technical risk management analysis , which allows you to maximize the chance of investment through all the historical success factors in a single report in the gaming market.

Why invest with us?


Indie Hero is part of the same group as GameJamPlus, one of the most important events for the game development industry in the southern hemisphere. This direct contact provides access to a huge range of gaming and networking options.


At Indie Hero we analyze your investment thesis, understand your current moment of entry into the gaming market and use our market intelligence to generate customized opportunities according to your profile.

Risk management

We have a team of development experts and market intelligence dedicated to analyzing all studios and games, providing in-depth analysis and selecting only the best projects.This way, we guarantee to increase your chance of success and decrease your trading time.

Who's behind the project?

"Above all, video games are meant to be just one thing: fun. Fun for everyone."
– Satoru Iwata

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