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Building bridges is our greatest asset! We provide an international matchmaking platform for studios, investors, and event producers to join forces.


We aim to foster a virtuous ecosystem, highlighting the potential of each player and how they can meet the demands and needs of others.

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In other words, our platform seeks to be a powerful "win-win" tool for all its users.

Why be part of our platform?

You and your studio being part of an international matchmaking platform connecting studios, investors, and events. Each registration generates a unique profile for the studio.

Search for unique opportunities for registered studios.

Connections and outsourcing among registered studios.

Opportunity to pitch to any place on the planet.

Opportunity, subject to analysis and based on criteria established by Indie Hero, for exposure at major events with broad reach, such as Rock in Rio, Rio Innovation Week, and Innova Summit.

Participation in specific courses and training provided by Sebrae.

Indie Hero Acceleration

The Indie Hero Acceleration process is entirely tailored to the needs of your studio or startup! We can assist you with problem-solving or organize tailored marathons and training sessions with your team, always aiming for the best possible outcome for your business. Additionally, we provide various specialized support services for independent studios!

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Need to assess your project's value? We have extensive experience in coordinating and overseeing the calculations involved in the process.


Memorandum of 


Formalizing a partnership? We create a Memorandum of Understanding between the parties to ensure the security of the business.




Do you need a professional negotiator to secure a better deal with investors? We have a trained team dedicated to securing the best deal for your project.


Pitch Deck Design and Creation

Looking to showcase your work with quality? We will design and layout the Pitch Deck for your game or studio according to your needs.




Are you formalizing your business and in need of legal assistance? We have a structure with lawyers, accountants, and consultants ready to support you and your team.


Video Pitch


Seeking to raise funds? We can analyze your pitch video, provide scores based on pre-established criteria, and offer written feedback.



We assess your project and create a roadmap of costs and deadlines for the production stages of your game, respecting the size of your team and the resources involved.




Raising international funds and need document or pitch translation? We can review, translate the content, and even present on your behalf!

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Suporte de Valuation

Precisa fazer o valuation do seu projeto? Temos muita experiência em coordenar e acompanhar o desenvolvimento dos cálculos envolvidos no processo


Memorando de entendimento (MOU)

Está formalizando uma parceria? Criamos um memorando de entendimento entre as partes para garantir a segurança do negócio

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Suporte de negociação

Precisa de um negociador profissional para obter um melhor acordo com investidores? Temos uma equipe treinada para conseguir o melhor deal para seu projeto


Criação de Pìtch Deck

Quer divulgar o seu trabalho com qualidade? Faremos o layout e o design do Pitch Deck de seu jogo ou estúdio, de acordo com as suas necessidades


Suporte jurídico

Está formalizando seu negócio e precisa de assessoria jurídica? Temos uma estrutura com advogados, contadores e consultores prontos para te apoiar


Revisão de Vídeo Pitch

Está buscando captar recursos? Podemos analisar seu vídeo de pitch, prover notas por critérios pré-estabelecidos e fornecer feedbacks por escrito


Roadmap do game

Avaliamos seu projeto e criamos um roadmap de custos e prazos para a produção das etapas de seu game, respeitando o tamanho da sua equipe e recursos envolvidos


Serviços de tradução

Está captando recursos internacionais e precisa da tradução de documentos ou do pitch? Podemos analisar, traduzir os conteúdos e até mesmo apresentar por você!

JOIN - An Indies' Journey

Conceived from the Indie Hero Investment Programs 1 and 2, JOIN - Indies' Journey is the only national program focused on attracting foreign investors from the digital gaming sector to Brazil. It encompasses the promotion of the attractiveness of Brazilian exporters through the professionalization and qualification of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the industry.

The JOIN is an opportunity for you and your studio to connect with major investors in the gaming industry, all carefully selected by Indie Hero for their quality and potential.
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