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Event Production

Indie Hero has over 200 studios in its database, meaning we are in contact with hundreds of professionals from various areas of development in Brazil and around the world.


Moreover, we have experience in organizing large-scale events.


We can assist you in bringing your dream event to life, no matter where you are!

Our services


BGF Brasília Game Festival


Booth at
Rock in Rio 2022

Rio Innovation

What are the advantages of hosting your event with Indie Hero?

With a database of over 200 studios at your disposal, we ensure high-quality infrastructure for the execution of your event.

Furthermore, our extensive network connects us to hundreds of professionals from various development areas throughout Brazil, allowing for a diverse and enriching approach to programming.


Our ability to connect with communities from various places in Brazil and around the world extends the reach and relevance of your event. Finally, our robust experience in producing large-scale events ensures that your initiative is carried out with excellence and professionalism!

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