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Here at Indie Hero, we take your investment seriously! 

We connect you with the best studios based on your investment profile. Our platform allows for a customized investment so you can achieve the returns you expect!


How do we do this?





Why invest with us?


Indie Hero is part of the same group as GameJamPlus, one of the most significant events in the game development industry in the southern hemisphere. This direct connection provides access to a vast range of game options and networking opportunities.


At Indie Hero, we analyze your investment thesis, understand your current entry point into the gaming market, and leverage our market intelligence to generate personalized opportunities based on your profile.

Risk Management

We have a team of development and market intelligence experts dedicated to analyzing all studios and games, providing thorough analyses, and selecting only the best projects. This way, we ensure to increase your chances of success and reduce your negotiation time.

Promptness and quality

With over 200 studios in our database, we offer better service delivery quality. You can search for better prices in a centralized location, saving time when looking for services. Indie Hero helps you save time and ensures quality delivery!

JOIN - An Indies' Journey

Conceived from the Indie Hero Investment Programs 1 and 2, JOIN - Indies' Journey is the only national program focused on attracting foreign investors from the digital gaming sector to Brazil. It encompasses the promotion of the attractiveness of Brazilian exporters through the professionalization and qualification of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the industry.

JOIN is an opportunity for you and your company to connect with significant potentials in the gaming industry, all carefully selected by Indie Hero for their quality and investment opportunities.

"Video games are meant to be just one thing. Fun. Fun for everyone!” 
– Satoru Iwata

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